🔬 Style.Tools provides solutions for frontend optimization (FEO). The solutions are based on the 🔬 Style.Tools FEO widget, a free browser widget.

  • critical CSS generator

  • CSS editor

  • CSS beautify

  • clean-css optimization

  • repair broken CSS

  • remove unused CSS

  • remove duplicate CSS

  • extract unused and duplicate CSS (for automated unused CSS removal)

  • PostCSS plugins: autoprefixer and more

  • CSS lint

  • CSS analysis

Critical CSS generator

The critical CSS generator provided by Style.Tools FEO widget can provide a much better quality than the leading tools such as Penthouse.js. It is based on PostCSS with safeparser so that it can handle broken CSS.

FEO plugins

Our engineers can provide tailored optimization solutions for any CMS. The solution can include fully automated critical CSS and unused CSS removal to maintain optimal Google performance scores.

WordPress FEO plugin